Adulting 101: A Starter Kit

I know a lot of blogs, podcasts, and books that encourage people in our 20s to go out and start something. I think it's objectively true that things are easier than starting a venture later in life but something that my friends and I have realized is that things are just different when you're starting out.

Life After College

At this phase in life many of us are newly independent or still getting there. We may not have multiple degrees and years of industry experience. We often don't have personal cash reserves or savings to float us to our next big idea. Many of us are even on a path trying to overcome societal or systemic disadvantages.

Because a lot of those things are true for me, I've found it incredibly important to tap into sources of wisdom about life, entrepreneurship, and relationships that are more seasoned than myself. It's a blessing to be able to "stand on the shoulders of giants" so to speak, but I often have to do a little leg work to translate their wisdom into immediate action.

Starting Off As An Adult

For the next month, I'll be writing about some of the struggles my friends and I have talked about together. These are several themes that come up when we talk about starting out after college and building a foundation for life as a young adult. These areas are particularly important to us as we work and start ventures. Here are some things that I'll be sharing about

For each of these topics I'll lean on the advice of a friend (maybe two) and share some recommended next steps for you as well.

Did I miss something? If you're here for this series and want to know more about a different topic, comment below.

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