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February 19, 2024

6 Black YouTube Creators to Follow in 2024

Black History Month in the States is an open invitation to reflect on the immense contributions of Black individuals throughout history. It's also an opportunity to actively support Black voices of today. If you're looking to diversify your YouTube feed and discover new content creators who reflect a range of interests and perspectives, I'm excited to share with you six YouTubers who have enriched my online experience.

abetweene - Intentional Living/Lifestyle:

In the realm of intentional living and lifestyle content, Arianne, known as abetweene, stands out as a beacon of authenticity and inspiration. Her channel is a treasure trove of DIY projects, health tips, wellness insights, and self-care practices. Arianne's vlogs are both engaging and genuinely reflective. Personally, I resonate with her casual content about reducing waste and living intentionally. I'm not a minimalist in a strict sense and it's nice to engage with people who share a conviction for conscious consumerism without it branching into extremes.  Arianne's channel is not just about lifestyle; it's about embracing a mindset that prioritizes self-improvement and mindful living.

Cozyk - Cozy Living & Cozy Gaming:

Kennedy, aka Cozyk, has mastered the art of creating a warm and adorable atmosphere. Finding Kennedy's channel dedicated to cozy living and gaming was a huge turning point for me in some recent burnout recovery. Her channel feels like a warm hug, offering cozy vlogs about decorating her LA apartment, setting up her workspace, and sharing her favorite products. Her Let's Play videos even feel like catching up with a friend, making her channel a go-to for soothing and encouraging content. Despite not having a Nintendo Switch of my own, Kennedy's charm and positivity make her videos a joy to watch.

The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema - Mental Health:

Last fall at a party with friends I received a recommendation to read Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim Your Whole, Authentic Self by Dr. Thema Bryant. Dr. Bryant is both a Psychologist and a minister who provides a much-needed space for healing and empowerment, particularly for marginalized communities. I strongly believe in decolonizing mental health care and engaging with accessible resources to do so, as not every person can afford therapy. The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema explores similar topics and themes as the book with the added elements of shared poetry and interviews with distinguished guests. Her tone, voice, and insights invite you to come home to yourself with depth and compassion in every episode.

Marques Brownlee - Tech Trends:

Navigating the vast landscape of tech content on YouTube can be overwhelming, but Marques Brownlee, stands out as a reliable source of quality tech videos. Plenty of content creators flood YouTube with a latest sponsored product and telling you how "obsessed" they are with this "gamechanger."  Marques focuses on informative but still engaging reviews of smartphones and consumer electronics. His channel has become my go-to for staying updated on the latest tech trends and developments. Marques's genuine passion for technology but realistic standards makes his channel an easy watch.

Minnie Small - Art Business:

I'm a little late to the Art Business entrepreneur side of YouTube. For those seeking a calming retreat into the world of art and creativity, Minnie Small's channel offers a sanctuary of tranquility and inspiration. As an artist from South-East London, Minnie's videos exude a serene charm. She quickly became one of my favorite calm content creators in stark contrast to the high energy, high voice-inflection content that trended aggressively during the early pandemic months.  

Whether she's sharing her artistic process, life updates, or light body doubling, Minnie's content often highlights the beauty in everyday moments. Her artful videos are the perfect accompaniment to a cozy day indoors.

Sabrina Latoya - Smart Home & Home Décor:

I found Sabrina when looking into smart home devices for my apartment. Sabrina Latoya emerges offers  practical tips and design inspiration for renters and homeowners alike. As an engineer herself (we LOVE a woman in STEM), Sabrina brings a level of comfort and expertise about technology to her videos, ensuring that her recommendations are not only stylish but also functional. She describes her design style as Modern/Scandinavian and offers a lot of accessible (beginner friendly) ideas for renters.

As a Black woman, I'm always looking for more people who look like me that share about the things that I'm interested. Search algorithms don't always include Black content in the top results. It's my hope that this curated list of YouTubers that are part of my digital community from lifestyle and gaming to mental health and tech might inspire you and make it easier to find diverse voices in more spaces.

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