4 Newsletters for College Graduates

One of the most out-of-pocket suggestions I got when I was fresh out of college was to subscribe to a few newsletters. I got my first email address in ’05 and since then I’ve not been a big fan of newsletters. Each one I received was either unsolicited or impossible to unsubscribe to when I no longer needed it. So I’ll call it nothing less than a culture shock when I found people in the office discussing interesting topics, tech, and news only to find out that they were the results of newsletters. Huh??

Newsletter Recommendations for New Graduates

One year later, I have a much deeper appreciation for newsletters. Although I generally don’t trust people with my email address (I’m not signing up willie-nillie or anything), this past year I’ve found these four newsletters to be valuable contributors in my life:

For Broadening Horizons: Dense Discovery

“A weekly newsletter helping web workers be productive, stay inspired, and think critically.” Dense Discovery is a newsletter you can look forward to receiving. You can expect recommendations for resources both on and offline. I particularly like the GIF of the week.

Most notably: I have really appreciated the ways that Dense Discovery has helped me think deeply about the impact my actions have as a global citizen. I’ve been pleasantly challenged to increase my privacy online and reduce my waste footprint while also being equipped with resources to do so.

For Perspective: The Art of Work

“The Art of Work explores company culture, employer branding, work/life balance and office rituals at design-minded companies all over the world.”Homerun a recruitment service creates The Art of Work and its related newsletter. The newsletter is shaped with designers and creatives in mind but is great for everyone.

Most notably: This newsletter has helped shaped my understanding as an employee of another company and has plenty of wisdom for every level of an organization.

For Inspiration: Simon Sinek’s Start With Why

When I reached out to a seasoned professional just weeks before starting my first post-graduation job he highly recommended I sign up for Simon Sinek’s newsletter. What an encouragement it has turned out to be.

Most notably: Simon’s one/two liners have given me a peaceful start to tackling my inbox every morning this past year. I’ve greatly appreciated the perspective as hard and weary days rolled on.

For Professional Advice: First Round Review

First Round Review is like professional development for entrepreneurs but delivered to your inbox each week. Bonus: this insight comes from a Venture Fund.

Most notably: The cast of characters who write and share on First Round Review are an impressive bunch. The timely articles from experienced and relevant sources make First Round one of my favorite places to go when thinking about anything from starting a business to my professional growth.

These are some of my favorite newsletters from the past year. If you are a newsletter person – and even if you're not, there is something on this list for everyone. If there's one I've missed, let me know in the comments below.

This is one of several posts with advice for new professionals and college graduates in my Adulting 101 Series. Find more of them here.

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