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May 20, 2020

60+ Freemium Tools for Entrepreneurs

As a self-professed software junkie, I like to find and play with different services to get a better feel for what's possible and the tools that can help people accomplish their goals.

Sometime last year, I realized that the thread with my sister was getting overwhelmed with links and conversations about new tools and their details. Naturally, I decided to track these in a spreadsheet, and then later, an Airtable.

I copied Diego Fornazier Gozer's Resource Curation - 500+ Sites base from the Airtable Universe and added some fields that we (my sister and I) find helpful for categorizing software tools. Then I added my list from my spreadsheet and have been modernizing the base over time.

What's left is a large, descriptive database, of tools and services that can help you launch and organize your ventures. I'm sharing a view of the freemium services I've cataloged with you. Some services are completely free, while most of them have paid tiers or features.

Are you a subscriber? My members get access to this list with addition info like cost per seat and alternatives to the tool/service. If you find this list helpful, sign up for free!

If you're just starting out and trying to find great tools without increasing your costs, this a great place to start. I also recommend this list for teams that are looking to upgrade their solutions, but don't want to incur lots of costs while trying out something new.

Do you know of a tool or service that is missing here? Let me know!

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