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April 15, 2019

Founder Profile: Olga Parkers Jewelry

Can you imagine launching your own high fashion jewelry brand in your mid-twenties? From a young age Olga Gavriluk, the founder, designer and model behind Olga Parkers Jewelry, had an entrepreneurial spirit. When launching Olga Parkers Jewelry she incorporated her luxury design training, modeling experience, and fashion aesthetics together to create a platform where luxury jewelry meets editorial fashion content.

Olga's jewelry exists to give people an aesthetic they can feel accepted by and identify with. Her philosophy is that, “Fashion is a message and everyone is communicating.” Her desire is to empower and instill positivity in the men and women that wear her line.

Her passion for jewelry making, grew from an internship she had while in college. While working for a jewelry designer she got to experience first-hand the jewelry designing and merchandising process. She worked her way up from the bottom, growing in her responsibilities and learning the craft. With the skills she learned from multiple internships, she grew a hunger to create something of her own, dabbling in design and studying other luxury design brands.

Olga Parkers modeling her jewelry online

The idea for Olga’s unique line of jewelry came out of personal necessity. After deciding upon the perfect dress to wear on her birthday, she struggled to find a set of jewelry that would complete the look. She began to envision a dark beaded necklace with tassels. After watching jewelry tutorial videos and sketching various designs, she reached out to some connections and purchased the elegant and premier hematite beads that comprise much of her work today. She found that her friends and co-workers loved the design. Their praise inspired her to consider making an entire collection.

Fashion is a message and everyone is communicating

Olga’s advice for readers who dream of starting a business one day?

“Have a Dream you are passionate about. If there is something you can't stop thinking about, go after it! Then, work on a plan. Come up with an optimistic but achievable plan. When we aspire for our dreams we won’t always achieve them, but realistic plans give way to more success. You have to push yourself and you have to stay inspired”, she says.

Nothing comes from nothing, and great brands are not launched overnight. Olga has worked incredibly hard to bring her line to where it is today. She has personally shot the product photos, modeled the pieces, and organized the brand's campaign photo-shoots.

When starting out Olga took very clear steps.

She designed a product and gave it a test. The initial feedback from her first designed tassel necklace helped her know what might sell. Then she collaborated with photographers, setting up photo-shoots and taking on the role of model and brand ambassador. She built a website to sell her products and to market them. But she didn’t stop there, for more exposure she entered into accessory design contests. They challenged her to get better at her craft and make more friends in her industry. You can view the entire Olga Parkers Jewelry collection of tassel necklaces, wrap bracelets and stack rings online at www.olgaparkers.com.

See more of Olga Parkers herself on her instagram @OlgaParkers

This post is modified from an article originally printed in issue 13 of MVMNT Magazine.

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