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Stackrie, the tech-stack bakery, helps small teams with big goals get stuff done—without manual effort.

Software is a key ingredient in the modern business. Is your recipe the right one for you?

How to Get Started

The Process

I focus on process and tools, providing teams with Organization & Automation. My systems integrate software platforms so you can reach your audience, manage projects, and grow revenues, with less manual work.

Step 1
Choose a Stack

Say goodbye to a mutating list of expensive software subscriptions. I'll help you choose the right ingredients for a tech stack that fits your team and its needs.

Step 2
Integrate Your Tools

End the chaos of looking for the right logins, documents, and emails to get things done. I'll mix the ingredients together, moving data across platforms so it's right where you need it, when you need it.

Step 3
Build On It

Keep work moving, without lifting a finger. We'll work together to scale your capacity by pairing well-defined operating procedures with automated processes.

Organization X Automation

"Every team can benefit from automation. With automated processes you can optimize your workforce, stay organized, serve more people, and make more money, without scaling your team."

- Enoma
How I can Help

Your Options


1-hr Consulting

Go from frustration to more focus time in 1 hour.
Need some help getting unstuck?
This one-hour check in designed to get your project or software setup on track.
For: Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, and Integromat users

1 HR
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Recipe Consulting

This package will help you answer the question:
What tools are right for my team?
We'll review your existing tools and processes and use my software matchmaking skills to recommend the right tech stack given your industry, team size, and budget.

2 wks +
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This package will help you answer the question:
How can I make my existing tools work harder for my team?
The eTeam will work with your existing tool(s) to reorganize your data, integrate new tools, optimize your workflow, and create automated processes.  

4 wks +
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Prix-Fixe Menu

This premium service results in a completely customized, integrated, and automated application for your team. After auditing your existing processes and tools, the eTeam will select the best tech-stack for your needs, build it, and migrate your existing data into the system.

4 wks +
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How I Can Help

Less Effort, More Results

These are some of the Organized & Automated systems I've build for teams.


An Integrated Business Dashboard

Many of the best all-in-one business management tools help you service a client, but don't help you manage the business. With our Prix-Fixe Service, we'll help you design one place where you can keep track of everything happening in your business.

Feature Options:
  • Sales
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Proposal Tracking
  • Accounting & Payroll
  • Client Portals

If you're already using a popular tool like Harvest, Mixmax, Clickup, or Airtable, just let us know. We'll chat about ways to super charge your existing tools.

Interested? Drop Me A Line

A Custom CRM

Because Salesforce isn't a one-size fits all solution for every team. We've got expertise in tools like Airtable, Coda, and Fibery, that can help you build a custom, affordable, CRM to accomplish your goals. Whether that's recruiting, email marketing, or donor tracking.

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Airtable Business Pipepline Base Template: This screen capture shares an example contact book in Airtable
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