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About Me

Hi! 👋I'm Enoma. I love to empower makers and creators to do good, and do it well.

enoma.co is a hustle porn free home for resources and practical advice  for professionals, makers, and entrepreneurs.. I find myself constantly looking to balance out the "grind until you die" and "get rich at all costs" vibe with content that feeds the "why" behind what I do. So, if you're interested in creating and creating well, then I'm writing this blog for you.

My posts come from my experiences and the insights of friends and mentors. We'll talk about best practices, nifty tools, and the areas of life I'm learning to grow in as a 20-something entrepreneur.

I share a lot about business, home life, and the experiences of Black talent in predominately white spaces.

When I'm not online/not working, I dabble in a range of hobbies which includes interior decorating and organizing. It's my joy to share about living one of my dreams: life in NYC.

A photo of a living room: exposed brick, TV over a fireplace, a couch with large pillows

I am proud to have JOMO (joy of missing out). Home is a loving, cozy, and soft place for me. 

Ask me about...

  • some of my hobbies. For over 15 years I've dabbled with websites, graphics, video production, and Unix computing.
  • my favorite color. Most people think my favorite color is red. It is not.
  • public speaking. I competed in speech, debate, and interp events for seven years. It was an awesome season in my life.
  • things I'm learning. I love learning about woodworking. If I could go back to high school and take any class, it'd be industrial tech.
  • how I got to Brooklyn. I'm a first generation immigrant. My path to NYC wasn't a direct one. It's got more than a few unexpected turns.
  • my favorite kind of food. It's bound to make you laugh.

I am valuable. There is simply no sense persisting where this principle is not universally agreed upon.

Enoma Osakue — Founder of Stackrie.
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